People React To Pics Of Piping Hot ‘Potato Chips Curry’ & ‘Biscuit Curry’

First, let me apologize to all you, aloo and food lovers. I know, digesting this bizarre information won’t be easy for you.

While the internet is a great juncture to interact with people of different caste, creed, and ideology, it also sometimes disappoints us to the core. And this morning, I was disheartened when I saw a picture of a bowl of ‘Potato Chips Curry’.

GIF Source

Yes, someone did this weird food experiment and proudly posted a visual of it on social media. The picture of the dish that was originally shared by ‘Kolkata Food Trotters’ on Facebook spread like wildfire.

It was shared on Twitter by a user who too was mad at this experiment and wanted a minimum of 14 years of rigorous imprisonment for the cook.

Looking at the pic, we can guess that the innocent crispy potato chips were dunked into a steaming hot cauldron of a tomato-based gravy and later garnished with some slit green chilies.

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Well, as if this wasn’t enough disturbing. Someone shared a picture of ‘Biscuit Curry’.

Let’s see what people online think of these bizarre dishes.

Earlier, a girl created ‘Chai-Biscuit Popsicles’ using Parle-G biscuits. Would you try these unusual dishes?

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