Woman Wanted To Send A Parcel To Chaina In Punjab, Chandigarh Post Office Sends It To China Instead

Misplacing parcel sent through post and courier services is no news. Sometimes the sender ends up writing a wrong address while a few other times the courier services goof things up. Getting calls about your parcel having reached so-and-so sector because of a wrong pin code or some misunderstanding is, however, acceptable!

But what if your parcel reaches to some other country altogether?

Something similar happened with a Chandigarh woman Balwinder Kaur. She wanted to courier blood pressure medicines to her mother in Chaina village of Faridkot district in Punjab.

Putting the correct address on the parcel box, Kaur sent the courier through a registered post from Sector 17, Chandigarh post office on January 18, 2018. After a few days when Kau tracked her courier, she found that her parcel has reached Beijing in China instead of Chaina in Punjab.

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Kaur filed a complaint about her misplaced parcel at District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum. “On tracking the consignment number through Internet, I was surprised to note that the parcel reached Beijing owing to wrong sorting of the staff at the post office and not reading the correct address,” Kaur told TOI.

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The post office authorities said that they mistook the address mentioned as Chaina to China which led to the blunder. (And did some extra homework to add Beijing all by themselves). The post office authorities also quoted, “after writing the complete address, Kaur again wrote the words, ‘delivery Chaina’ creating a confusion.”

The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has, however, held the post office responsible for the blunder completely. The woman received back her parcel finally on 31st January. The forum has also ordered the post office to pay a compensation of Rs 5000 to Balwinder Kaur for negligence.

This is why one should always sleep well before work!

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