‘Poor Are Poor As They Spend Most Of Their Money’, Says Entrepreneur, Gets Slammed Online

Poverty is one of the major challenges that our country has been struggling with. 60% of India’s population, which means 812 million people, live below the poverty line which is caused by lack of employment, meagre wages, and massive population, just to name a few reasons.

There are various socioeconomic reasons why poverty is so rampant in our country. Which is why when an entrepreneur took to Twitter to write that the “Poor are poor because they spend most of their money”, it didn’t go down well with several people online.

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Many took to the comment section to school her about wage gap and financial privilege. While some highlighted that the poor are ‘poor’ because they barely have the money to survive, others expressed how rich people are privileged to have “disposable” money which they can risk in investments.

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Making such statements about those suffering from dire financial constraints is not just ignorant and insensitive, but is also triggering for many on a social media platform.

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