Poor 8-YO Boy Never Had A Birthday Party So His Classmates & Teachers Surprised Him With One

Many of us have been lucky to be born into families who celebrated every big and small occasion with abundant love and enjoyment. From birthdays to anniversaries, promotions to job offers, such families have the bonding as well as the financial backing to celebrate any kind of good news. However, not all families are lucky.

A small boy named Ángel David from Ebéjico, Colombia, never got to celebrate his birthday. This is because he comes from a financially struggling family. His mother has four kids to look after with limited income. Ángel’s mother had revealed that she never got to throw him a birthday party because they never had the money to do so.

Hence, his teacher, Casas Ximeno along with his classmates hatched a plan to make his approaching 8th birthday special. When the little one entered the classroom, everyone gathered inside to sing him a birthday song. There were also birthday decorations that were put up for him towards the back of the classroom. Seeing all of this, Ángel got emotional and broke into tears. All his classmates went on to give him a big hug!

Here’s a video of the wonderful incident:


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People online shared immense love for the birthday boy and blessed those who hatched this plan to make his day special. Here’s how some of them reacted:

People like these make the world such a nice place to live in!

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