Poonam Pandey To End Marriage With Sam Bombay: “He Has Beaten Me Up Like An Animal”


Relationships are not always perfect. Sometimes, it takes people a while to realize that they are in an abusive relationship. However, no matter when the harsh reality seeps in, it’s always better to take a stand against such misdeeds. After all, nobody deserves to be with a toxic partner. Recently, internet sensation Poonam Pandey, who married her long-term boyfriend Sam Bombay three weeks ago, filed a complaint about assault against her husband.

The newly-wed couple was in Goa for their honeymoon when Poonam accused her husband of molesting, threatening, and assaulting her. Following a complaint filed by her, Sam was arrested and later released on bail by the police, reports HT. Now, Poonam is planning to end her marriage. Speaking about the incident, she was quoted saying by TOI,

“Sam and I had an argument, which escalated, and he began hitting me. He choked me and I thought I was going to die. He punched me in my face, pulled me by my hair, and banged my head against the corner of the bed. He knelt on my body, pinned me down, and assaulted me. Somehow, I managed to break free and bolted out of the room. The hotel staff called the cops, who took him away. I filed a complaint against him.”

The actress even alleged that her three-year relationship with Sam has always been abusive. She was quoted saying by News18,

“I have been in hospitals on several occasions through the course of our courtship. I put up with the abusive relationship because I believed that we loved each other. I always painted a rosy picture projecting us as a perfect couple.”

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She further alleged that her husband’s anger stemmed from his possessiveness and insecurity.

“On good days, we were an amazing couple, but when things got ugly, I wouldn’t wish what I went through even on my enemy. We got married hoping that things would get better. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be a wise decision. I am the perfect example of ‘love is blind’.”

Following the incident in Goa, Poonam decided to end her marriage. She said, “This time, I don’t plan to go back to him. I don’t think it’s a smart idea to return to a person, who has beaten you up like an animal, without even thinking of the consequence. In a bid to save our relationship, I have suffered a lot. I prefer being single than in an abusive relationship. I have decided to end our marriage. It’s about time I moved on.”

Being in an abusive relationship can scar a person emotionally, mentally, and physically. So, it takes a lot of courage to come out and speak the truth. We hope Poonam gets the justice she deserves.

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