Pooja Bhatt Says Too Many People Ask Her Why She Isn’t Marrying Again: “My Life Is Not Incomplete”

Actor-director Pooja Bhatt has always been upfront about her personal life. She recently opened up about how she faces questions about marrying again. For the uninitiated, she had married Manish Makhija in 2005 and they had announced their separation in 2014. However, Pooja is not legally separated from him.

As per a report in HT, she talked about ending her marriage and what it means for women- how despite all their big achievements, they have come home to the question ‘khaane mein kya hai (what’s there to eat)?’.

She stated, “No matter what we women achieve in the world, a lot of us come home and our achievements are reduced to ‘haan, theek hai na, tumne Nobel Prize jeet liya magar abhi khaane mein kya hai?’ (Good, you’ve won the Nobel Prize but what’s for dinner?) Are you a mother? Are you not? Are you married? Are you not? I’ve been asked by so many people why aren’t you getting married again. And I tell them that I’ve grown up from thinking ‘and they lived happily ever after’ to ‘and she lived happily ever after’. I’ve been there, done that, tried it and recommended it to people too. But my life is not incomplete because I choose to live the way I do.”

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She did not shy away from addressing her past struggle with alcohol addiction, TOI reports. She recalled, “We try to cover up many things. But four years ago when I decided to quit drinking, I decided to be open about it. I began my career with a film like Daddy, which was about a young girl getting her father who’s an alcoholic to stop drinking. And there I was dealing with the same problem. I reached out to people to let them know that it’s something that could happen to anyone. Women especially need to be a little bit more open about that. And I was overwhelmed by the response that I got from random strangers.”

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