Woman Tries To Explain Pongal To A White Friend Who Confused It With Coachella Music Fest

The month of January marks the beginning of the harvest season that is celebrated by different names in different states of India namely Pongal, Makar Sankranti, and Lohri, among others.

And since everyone in the country is enjoying these Indian festivals, a woman decided to explain the Pongal festival to her white friend.

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In the screengrab of their Whatsapp chat the user ‘whiskeyblues’ shared online, she told the person on the other side of the phone that the 14th is the ‘Pongal Festival’.

To this, the person responds, ‘Who is the headliner?’ This is where things get tricky.

When it comes to festivals, there are music festivals, food festivals, and art festivals among others that are popularized worldwide. And each of these festivals have a main artist leading it AKA the headliner.

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When the woman responded to the person with ‘Huh’ (expressing confusion or surprise), the foreigner asked if the headliner was Indian. Clearing the confusion, the Twitter user told the person that it was a Tamil harvest festival.

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The foreigner confused the Indian festival with a music festival like the OG Coachella Music Festival. When they cleared the confusion, both of them had a good laugh.

People online were also in splits on reading what unfolded between them when the woman tried to explain what Pongal is to the foreigner. This is how they reacted:

This conversation is hilarious AF. Hopefully, the person googled it up and finally came to know what the festival is all about.

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