Sikh Politician In Canada Gracefully Handles A Racist Heckler And Wins The Internet With Love

Life throws curveballs at us all the time and some may be more unpleasant than others. We will meet ignorant people all around us, but the real test of time is proving how we handle this adversity.

Jagmeet Singh, a Sikh MPP in Ontario, Canada and a politician for the NDP (New Democratic Party) handled his adversity in a commendable way when he was heckled by a racist woman during his campaign meet.

Jagmeet Singh was speaking at his campaign event “JagMeet And Greet” at Professor’s Lake Recreation Centre when a woman interrupted him to ask when his ‘Sharia’ will stop, which is a system of laws based on Islam.

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The woman accused him of voting for Sharia and says that she knows he is part of the Muslim brotherhood.


In response to the constant heckling, Singh remained completely calm and the audience started applauding his composure. He started addressing the audience saying that they will not be intimidated by hate.

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The audience started chanting the campaign’s slogan “Love and Courage” following which the woman got quite frustrated and left. Needless to say, the audience seemed quite happy about it.


The video by Brampton Focus Media shows the woman constantly heckling Singh while he continues to speak kind words to her and ignores her to defuse the situation.


Twitter rose to support the man who handled the situation with so much grace. While we may choose to not address it, but racism is still prevalent in many parts of the world and ignoring it is not going to make it go away.

1. Acted in grace.


2. He is the man.


3. Overwhelming support


4. Exactly!


5. We got your back


6. Regardless of political stance


What is even more astounding is that the woman, Jennifer Bush, has also commented on the Facebook video of Brampton Focus Media, defending her actions and still holding her racist and ignorant stance on heckling a Sikh man about Islamic law.


Not only that, she is also acting like she is a different person from the one in the video and people are calling her out on that.

Canada has a large number of Sikhs and Indians who have lived in the country for all their lives and still face racism from people who just want to spew hate stemming out of ignorance. However, love will always surpass hate and there will always be people who will continue to fight racism with all their might.