A Policeman In Kerala Unzipped His Pants To Threaten A Journo & Was Caught On Camera

Journalists and policemen are like shutter and aperture in a camera. When they are in perfect sync, they can be mutually beneficial to each other. But when they lose their harmony, the results are often either funny or disastrous.

In a recent case of a tiff between a cop and a television journalist in Punaloor, Kerela, a police officer was caught making an obscene gesture to the journalist on camera. The police officer unzipped his pants and made a lewd sign at the camera.

Image source
Image source

In hindsight, a journalist named Muhommad Rafi, who works for a local cable caught video footage of two police officers, sub-inspectors Shivaprasad and Vimod, attacking a person involved in an accident.

As per the journalist’s comments, the police officers were brutally beating the person and partially stripping him after a road accident, and he caught that on camera. The police officers later allegedly demanded the same video footage from him and when he denied that, they threatened him and made the obscene gesture which was later caught on camera.

All I had like to say the police officers is, “yahan sab kuch dikhta hai sahab.”

News Source: The News Minute

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