This Police Department Just Recruited 6 Adorable Puppies And The Internet Lost Its Cool

Do you know anyone who hates puppies? I’m sure you don’t. And if you do, please hold an intervention for them. Like all baby animals, puppies are absolutely adorable and almost the entire internet is filled with their cute images.

So, here we are again with cute pictures of puppies for you. But this time, it’s a bit different.

The New Taipei Police Department in Taiwan’s K-9 Unit has recently recruited six American Labrador puppies to its canine academy to serveĀ and protect the public. They announced this news on their Facebook page.

This step was taken as a part of one-month birthday celebration of the purebred Labrador Retrievers.


The retired police dog Yellow gave birth to these 6 adorable puppies. They have been named Fuxing, Shuman, Feida, Yige, AJ, and Liang.


Although the puppies have just opened their eyes, the police department has already started their official training program by placing the scent of narcotics next to the puppies before they eat.

To celebrate their one month anniversary and their new job, the puppies were introduced to the press and they even posed for the pictures. The police department hopes that these puppies will do a brilliant job, just like their Mom, Yellow.


Fushin is the only cream coloured puppy out of the litter and it will be trained to be a blood detection dog, while others will be trained to be sniffers for the city’s narcotics unit.


Apparently, Fushin is the naughtiest and bossiest of the lot. He does look super cute, doesn’t he?


One good news for all of you is that after these puppies grow up and retire from their job, all of them will be up for adoption.

We wish The New Taipei Police Department good luck for training these little pups and hope all of them succeed in serving and protecting the public.

News Source: Metro