TN Cops Make Lockdown Violators Sit In Ambulance With Fake COVID-19 Patient, Watch Video

Police officers in India are using creative ways to punish people breaking the lockdown protocols. From making foreign tourists write sorry 500 times to embarrassing covidiots by performing aartis, cops have left no stone unturned to ensure people stay indoors.

However, it seems like no matter what the police do, some people don’t observe social distancing. So, in order to teach such individuals a lesson and raise awareness about coronavirus, the Tiruppur Police came up with a unique idea. The cops are pranking offenders by putting them inside an ambulance that has a man pretending to be a COVID-19 patient, reports India Today.

Have a look at the hilarious video: 

இளசுகளை தெறிக்க விட்ட திருப்பூர் போலீஸ்..😍😍😍

இளைஞர்களை தெறிக்க விட்டதிருப்பூர் போலீஸ் !! 😍😍😍அய்யோ காப்பாத்துங்கனு கதறிய இளைஞர்கள் !! 😂😂😂 வயிறுகுலுங்க சிரிக்க இந்த வீடியோ பாருங்க !! 😂😂😂Video By : Blessing Photography#IloveTirupur #TirupurMemes

Posted by Namma Tirupur Memes on Thursday, April 23, 2020

In the video, police officers can be seen stopping three men riding a bike together. The men, who were not wearing a face mask, were violating the lockdown rules, reports Deccan Herald. So, to teach them the importance of social distancing, cops put them inside an ambulance with the fake COVID-19 patient. The scared men tried to flee, gave out panicked cries, and even begged the police officers to let them out.

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The funny video ended with a warning message from the officers trying to raise awareness about social distancing.

The peculiar initiative was applauded by many people who enjoyed the hilarious prank:

LOL! What a clever way to raise awareness about social distancing. We hope the sense of fear will keep covidiots indoors. After all, we all must follow lockdown protocols to win the war against coronavirus.

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