Woman’s FB Video Narrates How Cops Didn’t Help When A Man Was Groping Girls At Mumbai Station

Crimes against women are undeniably on the rise with incidents of molestation, rapes and eve-teasing surfacing everyday and making women their preys. Mostly, the victims of sexual abuse or gender based crimes are hesitant to come forward for the fear of victim blaming but at times when they do try to come to the fore, they are left completely alone by authorities.

This is exactly what happened when a woman stood up to help nab a molester who tried to get away with groping two girls at Bhayander Railway Station. The woman witnessed this crime and decided to go to the authorities to catch the culprit however, she was in for a rude shock.

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The incident occurred at 11:15 am on 9 November, 2017 when the woman, Vaidahi Vishal More, was travelling from Bhayander West to East for some work and spotted a man grope a girl. She wasn’t sure it was intentional till she saw the same man grope another girl and get away with it.

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Vaidahi then approached the second victim and asked her to help her nab the molester. The girl said that it must have been unintentional but Vaidahi disclosed that she saw the man grope another girl. The girl then agreed to accompany her to the authorities to report the incident.

As reported by DNA, the Railway authorities told them that they should approach the police station in Bhayander but there too, nobody agreed to help them.

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Vaidahi More appealed to the police that by the time they go to the railway police the culprit will escape and they then sent a constable. Upon reaching the station they saw the culprit trying to escape but the constable refused to go after him .

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They appealed again and again to the constable saying that the culprit might be dangerous and if they try and stop him, he might injure them in some way but he refused to budge.

The police told her that they will lodge a complaint but did nothing to nab the culprit who was escaping before their eyes.

The woman, in a fit of rage, decided to make a video to spread awareness about the situation saying that she has no qualms doing the work of the police for them and the next time she sees a man taking undue advantage of a woman, she would take up weapons and would not hesitate to injure him.

You can watch the video here:

She also said that since the police decided not to help them when they needed it, they should not be the one to interfere when she acts in self-defence to save herself or her fellow women, clarifying that there was no immediate crime in the vicinity of the railway station that required their attention but still they refused to help.

After she uploaded the video on social media, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Purshottam Karad of Western Zone, Government Railway Police has gotten in touch with the woman and are now analysing the CCTV footage.

At a time when women safety has to be paramount, a woman was denied help when she was eyewitness to a horrible crime. Are we supposed to rely on such a law who cannot prioritise the safety of the citizens?