Police Catch Robber With The Help Of His DNA Left After He Slammed His Face On The Door

A criminal, no matter how perfectly he/she plans a crime, always leaves behind evidence. It might not appear to an investigating officer easily, but some kind of lead is always found if they look close enough.

According to a report by News18, a few police officers from Las Cruces, New Mexico, were able to catch a robber with the help of his DNA which was found on the exit door of the theft location.

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The robber, a 19-year-old boy, stole from a Pizza Hut joint and rammed into the exit door while trying to escape, hitting his face first. This resulted in his DNA being planted on the surface of the door.

After the police officials watched the CCTV footage of the theft and saw that the robber face-planted on the door, they quickly took his DNA and ran a test at the forensics library. They were then able to identify the robber.

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The guy was arrested and it was found that he had stolen from another gas station on the same day. He was charged with third-degree felony for “attempted armed robbery” and one fourth-degree felony count of “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon”, reports Fox News.

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There is a popular saying in Bengali – churi bidya boro bidya, jodi na poro dhora which means ‘stealing is an art, till you get caught’. The saying cannot be more accurate!

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