Pay With Plastic: Gujarat Café To Offer Free Food To Customers In Exchange For Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution has increased so much over the years that vigilant and environment-conscious people have started coming up with creative ways to reduce its existence on planet Earth.

Earlier, Karnataka built an eco-friendly house using 1,500 kg of plastic waste. Maharashtra even banned the use of it in the state.

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Taking cognizance of this increasing menace, a Gujarat cafe is doing its bit by collecting 1 kg of plastic waste in exchange for a plate of poha. Following the central government’s decision to ban plastic in the country from tomorrow (July 1), Gujarat’s Junagadh will inaugurate a cafe on June 30 wherein customers can relish yummy delicacies by paying in with plastic waste, reports The Times Of India.

People just have to bring in their household plastic waste and based on the weight of the waste they will be served food in the cafe, the ingredients of which will be organic and sourced from local farmers. The district administration has hired an agency that will buy the collected waste.

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Interestingly, the cafe will be run by a group of women who have tied up with local farmers to procure the ingredients.

“We want to promote clean and green Junagadh. To start with, we will give a glass of lemon juice or fennel juice for 500 grams of plastic waste and one plate of dhokla or poha for 1 kg of plastic waste. More the plastic waste, the bigger the platter,” said Junagadh collector Rachit Raj.

Moreover, most of the beverages in the restaurant will be made using betel leaf, rose, figs, and bel leaf, and will be served in clay utensils.

A cafe in Odisha and two dhabas in Hisar had also offered free food in exchange for plastic waste. Our planet is cluttered with so much plastic that it makes sense to come up with such initiatives to curb its spread and collect it with the help of the community.

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