Every Indian Will Be Able To Laugh (And Cry) At This Amusing Little Aadhaar Card Poem


*link Aadhaar card to Bank Account*

*link Aadhaar card to PAN Card*

*link Aadhaar card to phone number*

*link Aadhaar card to gas connection*

*link Aadhaar card to investments*

Link Aadhaar card to life? ?

Tired of linking Aadhaar? So are we. Aren’t you effin’ irritated by the process? *Yeses are echoing all around*

Well, summing that up in a beautiful and absolutely relatable way is actor Jayant Kripalani at Kolkata Book Fair 2018. The 3 Idiots, Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na actor was at a poet conference there and poured his heart out in a cheeky way in the poem.

We couldn’t relate more to it because it sums up our lives right now. BTW, best lines: “If they won’t burn my body then let it do some good, throw it on the road so the crows will at least get some food.”

It’s so link…err…share-worthy, na?

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