Mumbai Central Station Gets Futuristic Retirement Rooms For Passengers To Rest Like In Japan

Trains running late is a common happening in India that causes a lot of inconvenience to the passengers. While there are waiting rooms at almost every railway station for the ease of passengers and tourists, the condition of some of them isn’t up to the mark.

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Taking cognizance of the unpleasant experience of the passengers waiting for their trains, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), in collaboration with the Indian Railways, has brought in Japan’s ‘pod rooms’ to India.

Unlike the conventional waiting rooms that have sofas, or in some cases, reclining chairs for the comfort of the passengers, the “pod concept” includes bed-sized retiring rooms.

According to The Indian Express, the country’s first pod retiring rooms are currently installed in Mumbai Central station.  For the uninitiated, the pod or capsule hotel is a very popular concept in Japan. In areas lacking space for a fully equipped room, these capsule rooms serve great value.

These small, bed-sized rooms known as capsules are put together to provide overnight accommodation for guests at reasonable prices who can’t otherwise afford to stay the night at expensive conventional hotels.

The Ministry of Railways recently gave us a sneak peek into the futuristic hotels installed for the comfort of the passengers. The new-age facility has 48 pods in three categories including 30 classics, 7 ladies only, 10 private, and one for the differently-abled.

The classic and ‘ladies only’ pods will comfortably fit one guest. Whereas, the private pod will also have a private space within the room. Moreover, the pod for the differently-abled will comfortably fit two guests and has open space for the free movement of a wheelchair.

As per reports, the tariffs of these pods at Indian railways stations would vary from ₹999 per person for 12 hours, to ₹1,999 per person for 24 hours.

This is how people online reacted to this good news:

This is indeed innovation at its best. Can’t wait to see Indian stations housing such new-age waiting rooms.

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