Modi’s Comments On Kerala Made Malayalis Hilariously Troll Him With #PoMoneModi On Twitter

Internet trolls are like over-enthusiastic traffic police recruits. They’re always around the corner and will jump at the first sign of something unusual. Well, the trolls have risen once again. And this time, the joke’s on our dear PM Narendra Modi.

What happened?

Earlier this week, Modi was in Kerala and he made some statements regarding the infant mortality rate of scheduled tribes in the state. His exact words were:

“The unemployment rate in Kerala is at least three times higher than the national average. Infant mortality rate among the Scheduled Tribe community in Kerala is worse than Somalia. The state can meet only 13 percent of their requirement of agricultural products. Even after 70 years of independence, Kerala depends on other states for 70 percent of its power requirements.”

Now how true these figures were, we’ll leave that to the PM’s research and advisory team to validate. But Kerala CM Oommen Chandy didn’t let this slide without incident.


CM Chandy shot back at Modi, questioning his statement and his ‘accusations.’

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He said the following:

“I request you to show some political decency by withdrawing your baseless statements against Kerala. You likened Kerala to Somalia without checking the veracity of the reports, without using the machinery under you.”

And, of course, this situation didn’t escape the all-prying eyes of the internet. Twitter took Modi to task within minutes of the news breaking.


#PoMoneModi started trending, and everyone lost their damn minds.

First things first. What does ‘Po Mone Modi’ mean? “Po Mone” in Malayali roughly translates to “Go away, boy.” It’s an oft-used Malayali slang phrase to condescendingly shut a person up. It was made famous by the legendary actor Mohanlal in one of his movies. So, long story short, Twitter is basically asking Modi to get lost. (Yes, it does sound crass)


Malayalis seemed to love the hashtag. Praises and jokes started flowing soon enough. But it also had some hate interspersed.




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All in all, Malayalis had a field day, pouring out all their Mallu rage (and humour), with one single hashtag.

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