PM Modi, Environment Minister Criticised Strongly For Their Comments Amidst Delhi Pollution

Delhi’s Air Quality Index has reached an all-time high as compared to the past three years. TOI reported that today’s AQI lies at 491 which means that Delhiites are surrounded by hazardous air making it immensely difficult to breathe. As a result, numerous flights have been delayed and all schools have been shut because of the smog.

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Meanwhile, on Sunday, PM Narendra Modi in his address to global business leaders in Bangkok said that “this is the best time to be in India”, reported India Today.

“For investment and easy business, come to India. To innovate and starting up, come to India. To experience some of the best tourist sites and warm hospitality of people, come to India. India awaits you with open arms,” the PM said.

In addition to PM Modi’s comment, Minister of Environment Prakash Javadekar took to Twitter to advice Indians to start their day with music. He went on to recommend a veena composition named “Swagatam” by Emani Sankara.

Keeping in mind the major air crisis in Delhi in addition to other crucial problems like poverty and economic slowdown; people are asking “How is it the best time to come to India?”

Others went on to remind the Environment Minister that there are more significant issues that we have to deal with.

Journalist Siobhan Heanue went on to share a screenshot of the results showed by an app that converts air quality to an equivalent number of cigarettes smoked. It showed how people breathing the Delhi air might as well smoke 33 cigarettes a day.

The government has recently issued a list of do’s and don’ts for people living in Delhi to combat air pollution. We hope that more safety measures are taken and that this acts as a final wake up call for citizens to stop stubble burning and put an end to bursting firecrackers on Diwali. Stay safe, Delhiites.