Chinese Man Wanted A Hairstyle From YouTube, Barber Included ‘Play Button’ As Well

A lot of us have screenshots of celebrities and models on our phone. We show them to tailors so they can stitch us a similar outfit. Or even hairdressers, so they can give us the same hairstyle. But this Chinese customer got more than he bargained for from his over-enthusiastic barber.

Here’s the viral story

Tian Xiu Bot, a Chinese entertainment blogger posted about a hilarious goof up on Weibo. According to him, a client was watching a YouTube video when he came across a hairstyle that he really liked. He immediately paused the video and showed it to his hairstylist. He wanted the exact one for himself. So, the hairstylist gave him ‘exactly’ that. He diligently cut the triangular play button icon patch on EACH side of his head.

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The source of the confusion

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And the unexpected final haircut

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The original post on Weibo, which is a social media platform like Twitter, has been shared over 22,000 times and also covered by China Daily. To his credit, apparently, the hairdresser did ask the customer if he wanted to keep the triangle.┬áBut the customer didn’t realise what he actually meant.

The blogger quipped that such attentive barbers are indeed hard to find and┬ánetizens are calling it a new ‘trending’ hairstyle.

Watch how the client is now taking it in his stride

How would you react if you were at the other end of such a slip-up?