This Blogger Tried To Shame Pizza-Eaters But It Backfired So Bad, We Are Still Laughing!

We love pizza! And, no matter what people say, they can’t talk us out of eating it! It is our soul food and it satiates us like nothing else. It just has no match.

So, when a food blogger shared a fact-tweet about pizza which was not a praise, it made Tweeple really angry. Some channelled that anger through GIFs, some with humour. And, we can’t stop laughing.

This was the tweet by Naija Gym Blog,


And, then started the trolling!

1. I, too, feel like having a slice or two, right now.


2. Then, came the demand of more ‘oil’.


3. Order for three. Count me in, mate!


4.  Joey would have two more, I guess!


5. So would, Mr J ain’t!


6. This EPIC tweet! ?


7. This guy wanted the oil-justification.


8. To this one, it was yum as hell.


9. That’s how you answer, GIF-ically!


10. This one wanted to be engulfed like Homer.


11. So can’t I!


12. This epic query.


13. So cute!


14. This user had a very genuine query.


15. I can’t stop laughing at this!

Hahaha! ?

Oh, BTW, the blogger even had poll on the same question and as you’ve probably guessed it, YES is winning!

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*mic drop*

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