GF Asks Pizza Place To Help Reveal Her Pregnancy To BF, And They Bake It To Cheesy Perfection

See here’s the thing. You don’t just love pizza. You worship its cheesy crust, breath in its delicious aroma like it’s oxygen and lay your life on the line if you have to for the last slice in the box. And most importantly, you make it a part of your every life event. Say, like a pregnancy?

And that’s exactly what this girl tried to do, when she decided to announce her pregnancy to her boyfriend with a surprise pizza delivery! She sent a letter to a local place called Dion’s Pizza….

In case you can’t read that, here’s what the letter says:

“Hi can you please do this for my boyfriend before you call our order?
Can you please write boldly on the inside of the pizza box lid:*message*… in legible pr pretty handwriting.
Thank you so much!! And thanks for being part of the announcement.”


Awwwwww that’s such a cheesy way to announce such a news, don’t you think? Oh but wait till you see how the pizza place came through with the request!

The guys at Dion’s didn’t just fulfill her request but they rose magnificently to the occasion! Just like the perfect pizza dough!


One of the employees at the pizza place tweeted pictures of the letter and the pizza box and it went viral right away!

We all cried tears of happiness at this! Because it is so adorable!

And Twitter sure wanted a slice of this cheesy goodness!

You and me both, sista!

This one here has their priorities all sorted, huh?

A lot of the peeps (*cough* men *cough*) kept joking about how the poor BF was in for some major shock/joy, depending on how much he wants to be a dad!

Nigga not ready for this shit!

You sure this mine? The order… and the baby?

Hmmmmmmm! So… baby ha?

I’d like a refund, please?

Some people have all the luck!

But then amongst the boys, there was a man!

You know, ‘cos real men cry!

Mostly though, people thought his was a wonderful gesture! Particularly the dope handwriting on the box!

It’s calling putting in some effort!

We hope so too!


The writer was tagged by her colleague and she was really happy her efforts were appreciated!

Some peeps pointed out a scenario where this whole cutesy plan could’ve hone horribly wrong!

Ummm… baby, I can explain!

While others narrated actual scenarios like this one that did indeed go wrong!

So what’s the takeaway here? Pizza is BAE, especially when you wanna tell your BAE something!