Astronauts Bake Pizza In Space As It Was Time To Partaay And Flying Pizzas Look Delish AF!

Let me begin this story by telling you that I, like most people on the internet (which is everyone), love pizza. I don’t even mind pineapple on pizza because hey! No Discrimination.

For that reason alone, I really feel bad for the astronauts who spend months floating in outer space. Without pizza.

Recently, NASA astronauts wanted to have a little party at the International Space Station (ISS), but no party is complete without pizza.

When NASA scientist and astronaut, Paolo Nespoli, casually mentioned this to his boss at ISS, the generous boss wasted no time in making sure his team got a well-deserved pizza party.

Paolo posted a video of the astronauts-turned-chefs making and playing with pizza at the ISS.

His video instantly warmed our hearts and obviously, Twitterati reacted to it.

1. Yes, it is amore…

2. Congratulations are in order, Paolo!

3. That’s the least of our concerns, friend.

4. Trying to be funny, are we?

5. Let him enjoy his pizza, Nicholas!

6. I’m sure the astronauts are happy with tortillas too.

7. We hope so too!

However it might be, I’m just glad they got to have pizza. Bon Appétit, guys!