Two UP Men Cut Cake With Pistol In Hapur, Get Arrested After Video Goes Viral

We have come across many alarming videos of whacky birthday celebrations. Yes, you read that right! For instance, previously, a UP man cut his birthday cake by shooting at it, and how in another instance, another UP man uses a gun to ‘cut’ his birthday cake.

black revolver pistol on ground during daytime
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In yet another bizarre video, two men in Uttar Pradesh can be seen cutting a birthday cake with a country-made pistol at a birthday party, as the crowd of other men gathered cheers them on. The shocking incident took place in the state’s Hapur district, NDTV reports. Have a look:

In the 20-second clip shot amid blasting music, we see a man wearing a red sweatshirt drawing out the pistol to cut the cake with its front end. Moments later, another man holds his hand and joins him in cutting the cake. Both men were arrested by the Hapur police within 5 days after the video clip went viral.

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The 2 men have been identified as Shahnawaz and Shakib. Reportedly, Shahnawaz was celebrating his birthday, while his friend Shakib also joined in on the celebrations. The police recovered the said pistol and two live cartridges from them as well.

red and gold shotgun shells
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While it is applaudable that the police intervened in this case, but the illegal use of guns and other firearms, especially by youngsters, is a larger issue that needs to be addressed at the earliest.

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