Bangalore Turns Into A Pink Paradise As Spring Hits The City, Residents Share Gorgeous Pics

When we think of streets lined with trees filled with pink flowers, we are immediately transported to Japan and its cherry blossom season. However, our very own Bangalore is no less than a vision in pink in Spring as it’s the time when the Tabibuea Rosea flowers are in full bloom!

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It’s remarkable how in Bangalore, you walk on any random street and you’ll find at least a couple of such gorgeous trees. If not pink, you’ll find them in yellow. And if not yellow, you’ll find bougainvillaeas to brighten up your day!

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And people living in Bangalore have been sharing stunning pictures of their neighbourhoods, main roads, housing complexes, etc. which now look pretty in pink! Have a look:


Why go to Japan when you can come to Bangalore to witness this beauty! 😉

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