Meet Pilot Monica Khanna Who Made An Emergency Landing & Saved The Lives Of 200 People

The news of one of the aircrafts of a private airline SpiceJet cathing fire mid-air had made headlines. An environment of fire and panic was created among the 185 passengers who were on board the aircraft. However, little did they know that they were in the safe hands of pilot Monica Khanna and first officer Balpreet Singh Bhatia.

As reported by Times Now, the aircraft in question took off from Patna to Delhi on 19 June. However, moments into the air, it experienced an engine fire.

When the cockpit crew suspected something fishy, they decided to shut down the affected engine as a precautionary measure and returned to Patna.

After inspection, it was found out that one of the engines of the flight caught fire after being hit by a bird which is why the Delhi-bound SpiceJet Boeing 737 flight had to make an emergency landing in Patna after hovering for several minutes.

Taking control of this tricky situation was pilot Monica Khanna who didn’t lose her calm and safely landed the 200 people on board the flight.

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Economic Times quoted Gurcharan Arora, SpiceJet chief of flight operations saying, “Captain Monika Khanna and first officer Balpreet Singh Bhatia conducted themselves well during the incident. They were calm throughout and handled the aircraft well.”

“When the plane landed, only a single-engine was working. Engineers inspected the aircraft after the incident. It was confirmed that the fan blade and engine had been damaged by a bird hit. DGCA will investigate further. They are experienced officers and we are proud of them.”

Aviation experts and people online hailed the courageous and calm pilot Monica Khanna for promptly taking the decision and swiftly and safely landing all the passengers and crew members in Patna.

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Kudos to Monica, first officer Balpreet Singh Bhatia, the ATC, cabin crew, and the support staff of the airline for handling the situation so well.

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