Saudi Arabian Female Pilot Lands Aircraft In Her Country Where Women Weren’t Allowed To Drive

It was only in 2018 that Saudi Arabia lifted its decades-old ban and allowed women to get behind the wheel and drive their way to freedom.

And amid such stern regulations was born Hana Mohsin Khan who later went on to become a commercial pilot.

While she has been soaring in the sky and shattering the glass ceiling for years, Khan finally found peace when she landed the aircraft for the first time in the country she grew up in. She expressed this surreal experience on Twitter and wrote:

“Last time I was here, women weren’t allowed to drive! The feeling is surreal!”

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An avid women’s rights activist, Khan is a media professional turned commercial pilot who was also among the 80 women who reportedly became victims of a fake online auction app ‘GitHub’ wherein Muslim women were sold under the title “Sulli deal of the day”. “Sulli” is derogatory slang for Muslim women.

People online lauded this courageous woman for winning over hatred and being an inspiration to several people across the globe.

It’s such a proud moment. More power to you!

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