‘Means A Lot’ Pilot Husband Makes Special Announcement For Wife Travelling On Same Flight

It’s the little things that keep the ‘spark’ alive in a marriage. A surprise date, a touching message or a morning cuddle are just small efforts that leave a lasting impact. It’s what makes relationships full of love.

For example, an IndiGo pilot made a special announcement for his wife who was travelling to Mumbai on the same flight. The video was captured by his wife on which the message can be heard and her adorable reaction can be seen.

During the in-flight announcement, the pilot, Alneez, surprises his wife Zahra with this message:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to make a special announcement. Some days I do get a special flight, and today is one such flight. I have a special passenger on this flight. I have the privilege of flying my wife to Mumbai. It’s just a small thing for everybody, but it means a lot to me. Just wished to share the happiness with all of you onboard.”

Zahra shared the video on Instagram and it now has over 8 million views! She wrote, “Being your wife is my greatest blessing. My heart is so full & I do not know what I did so right in my life to deserve this man. I have been on flights with Alneez being the Pilot in Command and it’s always so special but man .. NOTHING EVEN COMES CLOSE TO THIS ONE.”

Have a look at the video here:

People online were left gushing over the video and many wished the couple immense happiness. Have a look:

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Dear men, please take notes!

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