Video Of Pilgrims Hopping On Conveyor Belt To Enter Airport Arrival Area Goes Viral

One of the most fascinating things you get to witness when travelling via an airplane is how people quickly stand in line just a minute after landing waiting to be the first to get off the plane…even when the seat-belt sign is still switched on. I mean, itni jaldi kya hai bhai?

However, mankind recently crossed a new level of bizarre. A video of a few Hajj pilgrims entering the arrival gate of Peshawar International Airport through the conveyor belt, which is meant to carry luggage, has gone viral. The group were reportedly returning from the famous annual pilgrimage Hajj which takes place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

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Apparently, the group used the conveyor belt to reach their luggage as quickly as possible because it carried Zamzam water – holy water collected from the Zamzam well, Masjid al-Haram in Mecca which is considered to be the holiest place in Islam.

Legend has it that the Zamzam well was created magically after God heard the cries of a mother seeking water for her thirsty child. One of the main aims of the Hajj pilgrimage is to visit that well and drink the Zamzam water.

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The video shows how a group of pilgrims come out of the conveyor belt and are engaged in an argument with the airport security. The security kept on saying how the conveyor belt isn’t safe and they might get hurt, but nobody listened!

Watch the video here:

A complete disregard for airport regulation and safety of one’s own self and then going on to argue with authorities – only humans are capable of such tomfoolery!