Meet Pigcasso The Pig, She Creates Abstract Art & Sells It For ₹1 to 2 Lakh

Remember Pixar’s animated movie Ratatouille? The one about a rat who became a chef in Paris? In the film, a food critic named Anton Ego says, “Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” But if you thought that such a thing was only possible in the reel world, you’re mistaken. Because there’s a pig in South Africa who is steadily gaining popularity for her artwork.

Pigcasso is 3-years-old and lives in Farm Sanctuary SA, Cape Town. And she loves to paint! Watch her create masterpieces in her sty.

According to CBS News, her owner Joanne Lefson rescued her in 2016. In the farm, she was offered many items to play with but the one she liked best were paint brushes. She only uses non-toxic paint for her pieces and signs each one with her snout.

She is the first animal in the world to hold an art exhibition. Hers was named “OINK” and took place at The Waterfront in Cape Town. Her paintings are also available online for purchase. This one for example is listed at approximately Rs. 1,09,000.

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Last month, Swiss watchmaker Swatch collaborated with her and introduced the ‘Flying Pig’ collection which featured her original artwork.

The proceeds from all her paintings are used by the farm to rescue more animals and raise awareness about animal welfare. The sale proceeds of the watches also go to Farm Sanctuary SA.

Here are 5 of Pigcasso’s paintings that the world can’t get enough of.

  1. Nude Donkey

2. Plant Life

3. Golden i

4. Love Dance

5. Chinese New Year

With some of her abstract expressionist creations selling for $4000 (~ Rs.2,78,000), she is one talented pig, don’t you think?