Photoshop Wizard Uses Multiple Photos To Create 1 Masterpiece And The Results Are Mesmerising

My mama once told me, ‘Never believe everything you see on the Internet’. Oh, wait! That’s what I told my mama and keep telling her.

There are so many doctored and photoshopped images my parents believe in, but because I’ve got a good eye for detail (despite my high-powered contacts) I can tell the difference between the real and altered one.

But, guys, I am in a major fix upon seeing this man’s illusionary work. This Ukrainian artist, Viktoria Solidarnyh, uses multiple images of the internet and creates a masterpiece. And, we bet you can’t tell it that it’s photoshopped.

Have a look at the final one and the deconstructed pictures and we’re sure your heads are gonna whirl!

1. Just look at the detailing.

2. How? Huh? Wow!

3. It’s magic!

4. Exquisite!

5. Which fantasy land is this one taking us to?

6. Can you tell it’s photoshopped?

7. It’s quite detailed and we love the intricacies.

8. It’s sexier than the original one. Right?

9. The veil here looks a little uh, out of place, but still we are impressed.

10. Reminds me so much of Strawberry Shortcake.

11. Over the moon, amidst the stars.

12. Resembles a Criminal Case crime scene to me. A real one!

13. Straight outta a Disney movie.

14. Upon seeing this, I remembered an illustration from a children’s story book about magical worlds.

15. Getting pre-wedding photo-shoot ideas.

16. Spooky AF!

17. That Christmas present!

18. Snow White, is that you?

19. This one reminds me somehow of Predestination.

20. This could easily be slid into the Little Mermaid and people wouldn’t even notice. Ok, they will, but you get the point!

21. Castle on the back…err…block!

22. Cutest little thing ever!

23. Can I get wings too?

24. Would you play this game?

25. The world of wizardry!

Woah! These are just something. So damn pretty!