Woman Breaks Up With BF Over Photo Of His Ex, Later Realizes It’s A Mattress Label

Misunderstandings can cause problems in any relationship, and sometimes even break them. Which is probably why everyone insists on two-way communication, which is the key to a healthy connection. And the following incident proves just how much havoc a tiny, little misunderstanding can create for two people.

According to The Sun, the incident happened with 27-year-old Joi who lives in Manchester. She discovered the photo of a woman under the pillow at her boyfriend’s place and assumed the worst.

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You guessed it, she thought it was his ex who’d passed away and he had not gotten over her yet! And then she decided to call it quits.

But the boyfriend revealed that the ‘ex’ was actually a model on his mattress label!

Check out the photo which caused all the confusion because Joi only caught a partial glimpse of it.

Her goof-up quickly went viral with people calling it both dark and hilarious. But Twitter user @SlightlyCrimson had the best response asking, “The real question is why wasn’t he using bedsheets?”

Having said that, there are a few rare occasions where misunderstandings actually leave you feeling happy. For instance, this woman who received unsolicited help (and an offer of protection) from a teenager who mistook lipstick stains on her hands for abuse.

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