This PhD Scholar’s Adorable Maternity Shoot With Her Thesis Has People Cheering!

Human babies are not the only kind of babies one can have, you know? You may have heard people calling a start-up, a novel, or a piece of art their ‘baby’. Because there’s a lot of ‘labour’ (pun intended) that goes behind all of these creations. So when this woman did a maternity shoot with her PhD thesis, people of the internet were like “SAME”!

Maternity shoots are the in-thing right now and PhD scholar Sara Whelan Curtis at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, thought it fitting to do one with her ‘brainchild’ – her thesis.

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The one with the baby bump.

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It’s a PhD!

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People trying to have a career in academia would agree – getting a PhD is one of the hardest things one has to do. Imagine hundreds of hours spent in libraries, going through archives, tonnes of research, and a couple of years of unflinching hard work, making UPSC seem like a cakewalk.

So when Sara took on social media to post a so-called maternity shoot with her ‘bump’ and the thesis wrapped in baby blankets, netizens cheered for her! In addition to that, there were also others who have done similar things with their brainchild!

To all the PhD scholars out there, you’re doing a wonderful job bringing up this ‘kid’!

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