Chemist LIVE Tweeted The Story Of His Fav Old Couple After The Man Lost His Wife. *cries*

You know what’s more difficult than loving someone? Expressing it. With all those heavy heart beats and butterflies dashing in your tummy, it’s not at all easy. But it’s necessary.
It’s essential for your feelings to be out and your heart to feel light. It’s essential for your sentiments to be expressed and for the regret to stay away. It’s essential for your love to try to break odds and for the awkwardness to die. For there may be a time in your life when reality may hit you in the face and you may have already lost the person. So cherish him as much as you can.

A pharmacist named James Morales shared his SADDEST story ever(literally) through this Twitter thread and it’s heartbreaking.


1. Warning: Keep your tissues handy!


2. We all have our favorites, don’t we?



3. Can we please not have this part?


4. This is heartbreaking. Simply HEARTBREAKING!


5. *In tears already*


6. Words of virtue!


7. When reality hits you in your face!


8. Moral of the story!


And it was not only us, even Twitter couldn’t stop grieving with a heavy heart.

1.Who cares about the place?


2. And exactly where it hurts!


3. Do that right away!


4. It was difficult for us too!


5. Exactly, the same!


All welled up? That makes the two of us! If you have someone to express your feelings, now is the time. Don’t let it go!

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