New Zealand Terrorist Asks People To Subscribe To PewDiePie Before Attack, YouTuber Reacts

A terrorist dressed in a military-style, camouflage outfit, open fired at two mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand. Around 40 people were killed in the attack with over 20 injured. Hours after the attacks, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, “This is one of New Zealand’s darkest days.”

But right before heading into the mosque to execute dozens of innocent people, the shooter live streamed a video reminding the viewers to subscribe PewDiePie. And thus, the fuss began!

The gaming YouTuber’s growing popularity around the world seems to have dragged his name into a really big dispute. He has faced the flak of people earlier for his racist jokes. But, the possible reasons for a shooter name-dropping PewDiePie is quite debatable.

No, no one’s actually blaming the YouTuber of encouraging such inhumane actions but a terrorist taking his name in the video has probably landed him in a bad light!

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To clear the air, the YouTuber has responded to the news of his reference in the shooter’s video on Twitter.

Perhaps the accused of the deadly massacre took PewDiePie’s jokes too seriously to consider him as a sympathizer. Or maybe he was just trying to troll the YouTube sensation. You never know!

For the ones who came late, PewDiePie is a world-famous gaming YouTuber who is apparently competing with India’s T-series to become the most subscribed YouTube channel. (P.S. He is leading).