Twitter Thinks Every Workplace Should Have A Dog To Help Employees With Their Mental Health

Be it work from home or office, after working relentlessly to meet our deadlines, we all need to destress. And as a dog mommy, I can vouch that nothing’s as effective as spending a few minutes cuddling and playing with pets.

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While pet parents have been lucky to be able to do that when they were working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, a Twitter handle ‘Bunsen and Beaker’ (dedicated to dogs) thinks that every workplace should have a couple of puppies to help employees with their mental health.

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A handful of people agreed that having a furball at their workplace would do wonders for their mental health.

Apparently, a lot of folks already have one at their office.

A couple of people also had some reservations.

I think bringing pets to workplaces would also encourage people to adopt more pets because those staying alone with them would not have to worry about leaving them at home, anxious and sad. What do you think?

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