Woman Petitions To Scrap Chocolate At The Base Of Cornetto Cone, Twitter Reacts

Chubhti, jalti garmi and haath me ek freezing cone of chocolatey Cornetto. Perfection!

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The frozen dessert cone has been here for years and almost everyone in my family has their personal favorite flavor. While the creamy and chunky top layer is to die for, most of us often wait to take a bite of the delicious chocolate that’s concealed at the end of the waffle cone, right?

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But this Twitter user feels otherwise. So much so that she took to the micro-blogging site and petitioned Cornetto to remove the block of chocolate at the bottom. Calling it ‘shitty’ she also sought the opinions of others online.

But much to her surprise, there weren’t many who supported her argument. In fact, some were irked and offended by her statement.

I get it, different people different tastes. But how can someone not like that chocolaty, crunchy tip? Isn’t it the perfect ending we all wait for? What do you think?

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