Mumbai Doggo Saves Owner After Shirtless Stalker Attempts To Sexually Assault Her

Time and again, we have come across many comforting stories that prove that pets are the most ‘pawfect’ companions one could ever ask for. For instance, a woman shared how her pet cat prevented her suicide, or how 2 german shepherds saved their owner’s life by detecting her fast-growing breast cancer.

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As per a report in Times Now, a brave pet dog saved a 33-year old Mumbai woman from a shirtless stalker who illegally entered her home with an intention to sexually assault her. On Tuesday, the 25-year old accused had snuck into her house in the wee hours of the night, but fortunately, the pet dog’s incessant barking raised an alarm.

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According to the police, the complainant is a widow who lives with her 7-year old daughter at a rented accommodation in Mumbai’s Powai neighborhood. The arrested accused is a 25-year old man named Sadar Alam who often followed her in order to befriend her. When his requests to talk were turned down by her, he furiously intruded her home shirtless at around 3:45 AM to allegedly sexually assault her.

Talking about the scenario, a police officer explained, “As soon as he stepped inside, the dog started barking. The woman, who was on the mezzanine floor, found the man at her house in shorts.”

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The woman subsequently raised an alarm, and the accused quickly fled from the scene. She then called up the police a registered a case of stalking and house trespass under sections 354 (D) and 452 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code.) He was soon arrested and produced in front of a court as well.

We are glad that the doggo was there to save the woman from danger. They’ll surely be best friends ‘furever’!

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Do you have any wholesome stories of your own pets as well? Share them with us!

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