Kolkata Comes Up With A Pet-Friendly Durga Puja Pandal, Invites 4 Dogs As Chief Guests

Bengalis across the country are having the best time of their life right now as Maa Esheche! And if you want to witness some of the best craftsmanship then Kolkata is where you should be celebrating Durga Puja.

To welcome Goddess Durga this year, a sporting club in Kolkata built a pujo pandal that’s inspired by the Vatican City.

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Apart from building pandals that would blow your mind, people in Kolkata have also come up with pet-friendly pandals wherein you can take your furry buddy to seek the Goddess’ blessings.

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Bidhan Sarani Atlas Club is the first one to come up with a pet-friendly Durga Puja in Kolkata. And guess whom they invited as chief guests to inaugurate their pandal? 4 members of Kolkata Police’s Dog Squad.

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Taking to Twitter, Kolkata Police shared adorable pictures from the dogs’ visit to this one-of-a-kind pandal wherein Labradors Molly & Camphor, and German Shepherds Liza and Dinky made a very special appearance.

“Yesterday, 4 members of our Dog Squad – Labradors Molly & Camphor, German Shepherds Liza and Dinky made a very special appearance as chief guests at the inauguration of Kolkata’s first pet-friendly Durga Puja, courtesy Bidhan Sarani Atlas Club. Sharing a few glimpses.”

Seems like the doggos are paying their respect to the Goddess by bowing in front of her.

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With this gesture, this club has raised the bar way high. People online were impressed by it.

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What a paw-fect way to celebrate Durga Puja!

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