Woman Shares How Pet Cat Prevented Her Suicide; Others Post Their Pet’s Comfort Stories


In today’s age and time, focusing on mental well-being is as important as maintaining physical fitness. Mental health is a serious concern as battling depression and anxiety is not an easy task. It is very important that we talk to someone about our feelings as the lack of communication can sometimes have grave consequences.

While speaking to another person about your problems is important, having a pet can be very helpful too. The adorable four-legged creatures are the ultimate stress busters. Recently, Twitter user Taylor Nicole revealed such an instance where she shared an old picture of her cat invading her privacy when she was in the bathtub, reports News 18.

Have a look at her Tweet from 2018:

This seems like a pretty normal post, doesn’t it? Well, there’s more to it. Her post shows how everything you see on social media is not true and reality can sometimes be totally different. Taylor goes on to explain how she was actually in the tub writing her suicide note when her pet cat distracted her long enough to snap out of it.

Check out her recent Tweet:

Taylor’s tweet led many users to share their own instances of distress where they were comforted due to the presence of their pets.


There’s no question that pets care for their owners in times of distress. Animals are indeed a man’s best friend and we’re just happy that they have helped save so many lives.

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