Two Women Used Vacuum Cleaners To Suck Out Period Blood & People Are Horrified!

No amount of pain killers and hot water bags are enough to suppress the misery that is menstruation. If you are someone who has light periods, the one where the pain feels like a mosquito bite, then lucky you. But if you are one of those who tend to have heavy periods with cramps like a hurricane inside their lower abdomen, it is understandable why you might want the lower half of your body to magically disappear. However, while many of us contemplate the different ways to get rid of our periods quickly, two women have taken things a bit too far by trying to vacuum their period blood.

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According to sources, in the recent past 2 women of ages 19 and 23 in Seattle had to be hospitalised because they attempted to suck out their period blood and get it done with. The end result? They ended up sending themselves into shock.

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A nurse from the hospital took to Twitter to create awareness about the issue, asking women to stop doing it.

Needless to say, Netizens were horrified on reading this. They had a lot of questions – How did they even come up with the idea? How does it even work? What if other stuff from inside your system gets sucked out? Oh, the horror!

Speaking to sources, Dr Adeeti Gupta, a gynaecologist, said, “It’s a terribly unsafe idea. It can lead to severe vaginal injuries and infections. Menstrual bleeding is an active and natural process, it’s not just sitting in the uterus in a pool that can be sucked out. Please don’t even think about it.”

“Shock can happen either due to severe vaginal injuries leading to blood loss or just due to stimulation of the nerves in that region which can cause the body to go into a neurogenic shock”, she added.

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Ladies, please let your body do its own thing. Using unnatural methods to alter menstruation is putting your life at risk!