‘Not Feeling It’ Twitter Has A Thanda Response To Pepsi’s New Modern & Bold Logo

Pepsi, Thumps Up, and Coca-Cola are some of the cola brands that have a considerable amount of loyal consumers. Now, don’t come at us for saying which one is better than the other because we are here to give you an update about the global beverage brand Pepsi.

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For years we have seen the brand stick to the basic red, white, and blue globe in the center of its bottles as its trademark logo.

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But now, for the first time since 2008, the company has revamped the design of its logo to give it a more modern and polished look. Unlike earlier, the new logo has “Pepsi” written on the white stripe, in bold, in the center of the globe. The placement of the three colours is also very different, reminding us of the flag of the Netherlands.

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The old and new logos were tweeted by the Twitter account “Pop Base”.

As of now, the brand intends to roll out the new logo in North America this year. However, they’re looking at making it readily available worldwide next year, reported India Today.

People online had a lot of opinions about this bold and contemporary logo of the brand. This is what they said:

This is how Pepsi’s logo looked over the years:

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Not a lot of people are feeling it. Are you into the new revamped Pepsi logo?

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