After Facing Years Of Rejection, 2 People With Dwarfism Find Love In Each Other

Bhairappa, a man in his late 20s, suffers from dwarfism and motor disability. He hails from Koppal, a city in Karnataka, where it was difficult for him to find employment, let alone find love. He was taunted by the people who said that he could only eat and not work. Having enough of it, he decided to leave the city and live a better life.

According to TOI, Bhairappa landed in Bangalore where he found work at Mitti Cafe – a chain of cafes which is run by people with disabilities. The CEO of Mitti Cafe revealed that Bhairappa had appeared for more than 70 interviews but in vain. However, after joining the cafe, he showed immense ability to work well, learn new things, and teach others as well.

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It was at one of Mitti Cafe’s corporate caterings that Bhairappa met Roopa, a girl in her 20s from Belagavi. She too suffered from dwarfism. And it was love at first sight for him!

“I saw that she was kind-hearted and caring. The next day, I contacted her through one of our common friends,” he said.

Soon, after a few meetings, Bhairappa asked Roopa to marry him.

“I refused the first two times. But I knew he was a nice and caring person,” Roopa said.

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The two soon decided to get married. Even though Bhairappa’s family wanted to ask for dowry, he declined saying that Roopa was the most precious gift he could ever ask for.

The two got married in Bangalore. The ceremony was attended by their colleagues at Mitti Cafe and their close customers. Even though Roopa has no family, people at the Mitti Cafe didn’t let her feel like an orphan. They took care of her ‘kanyadaan’ and other rituals!

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Love finds us in the most unexpected ways!

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