11 People Who Hated Their Own Iconic Creations

Most of us are proud of our creations no matter how small or large they are. It sometimes gives us immense pleasure when we hear that someone liked or loved our work. But quite interestingly, not everybody feels that way. In fact, there are people who absolutely despise their own creation.

Here is a list of famous people who are not very fond of their work.

1. Woody Allen – Manhattan

The veteran director hates his iconic film so much that he requested the producers to not release it.

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It is a well-known fact that Woody Allen doesn’t love his work. Still interestingly, the work he hates the most is ironically one of his most successful work, ‘Manhattan’. Although the film is loved even till day, Allen thinks otherwise. He told his producers that he would do another film for free if they don’t release Manhattan.


2. Radiohead – Creep

The Band was requested to play the song so many times that they first got annoyed and then started hating their own song.

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It is considered one of the most iconic songs of the band. Yet the band itself is not too fond of the song. So, if you ever attend their shows, do not request for this song, it might just piss them off.


3. Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

The song is considered to be one of the main reasons why the group hasn’t yet reunited.

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Even in this case, the story is quite similar. Everywhere the band went, people kept on requesting for this one song. No matter how much they hate this song you cannot deny the fact that the song remains one of the most iconic rock songs of all times.


4. Virgil – Aeneid

On his deathbed, he asked his friends to burn the historic work.

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Virgil invested 11 years to write this famous epic. The work is considered as his masterpiece and one of the most important pieces of literature of all times. Although the no one knows the real reason why he wanted to destroy his own masterpiece, but thanks to the intervention of the Roman Emperor the work was saved.


5. J. Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein – The Atomic Bomb

Einstein regretted supporting the US President’s wish to create an Atom Bomb.

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Both Albert Einstein and Oppenheimer didn’t like the use of the atom bomb. Out of the two, it was Einstein who despised this creation more. It is believed that if he knew that Germany won’t be able to create such a bomb then he wouldn’t have agreed to the project on the first place.


6. Mikhail Kalashnikov – AK-47

He thought it was his creation that led to the death of so many people.

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While some consider it to be a boon for the modern warfare, others think of it as complete evil. Since its invention, the gun has changed modern warfare. Its own inventor regrets creating such a deadly device.


7. Ethan Zuckerman – The Pop-Up Advertisements

He later assumed full responsibility for his irritating creation.

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If there is one thing we all hate from the core of our heart then it is the Pop-Up advertisements. Interestingly, even its creator is not very fond of it.


8. Dong Nguyen – Flappy Bird

He took it off the market as he felt the game was addictive and time wasting.

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You might be surprised to know that the game became one of the most downloaded mobile games ever. The popularity of this game was such that after he took the game off, he even started receiving death threats.


9.  Robert Propst – Cubicles

He regretted that his quest for creating a modern office led to creating, what he terms as a “monolithic insanity.”

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Cubicles have become an integral part of almost all the offices today. His initial creation was an action that would not just be cost effective but it would also help people to get rid of  private office couches that reduced efficiency.


10.  Wally Conron – Labradoodle

He hated the fact that creation of this fancy dog breed ultimately led people to neglect unhealthy and abandoned dogs.

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This popular dog breed is basically a mix labrador and poodle. The demand of this unique breed just kept on rising. Conron felt that his new creation was doing more harm than good. Even though he stopped the production 20 years ago, the breed still remains quite popular.


11. Tony Kaye – American History X

He considered the final cut of his cult film as “spectacular pain in the ass.”

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The film is often considered as one of the best American Drama of all time. The film also earned Edward Norton an Oscar nomination yet Kaye himself was not too much impressed.

Well, it feels it’s true that the first critic of any work is the artist himself.

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