Move Over Himachal, Mizoram’s Aizawl Is A Hidden Gem With A Stunning View, See Pics!


Whenever we think of taking a vacation to a hill-station, we immediately think about Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand. We might even think of Shillong in the North-East. But North-East India is a land full of hidden gems waiting to be explored. Recently, we came across Meghalaya’s crystal clear Dawki river. And now, we have come across what can be called a trek lover’s paradise!

Recently, a stunning picture of the hilly Aizawl city in Mizoram was being shared widely online. People fell in love with the gorgeous view! Have a look:

There were also others who shared pictures of Aizawl in the comment section below:

These pictures inspired me to do some digging and I found that Aizawl indeed looks like a place made of dreams! Imagine going on a trek and being greeted by this view:

People online were left mesmerised! Many said how the place doesn’t look real. Instead, it looks like someone’s imagination.

Aizawl should definitely be on our bucket list of wonderful places to visit! Don’t you think?

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