People Online React To Indian Matchmaking’s Pradhyuman Getting Accused Of Domestic Violence

Pradhyuman Maloo, who became a well-known figure after his appearance in Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’, has been accused of domestic violence by his wife Ashima Chauhaan. But people online aren’t surprised. According to them, he was a walking talking red flag and it is a surprise that a well-established woman like Ashima would willingly marry him.

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After news of Pradhyuman and Ashima grabbed headlines, people online have been sharing their two cents about the issue and the show ‘Indian Matchmaking’. As they highlighted, in the show, the matchmaker Seema Taparia keeps on urging women to compromise and lower their standards. In reality, it is because women lower their standards that they end up with men who think it is okay to abuse them.

A lot of people expressed that it was clearly visible that Pradhyuman wasn’t a very good option for a husband for any woman. After all, the man had his picture on all his doorknobs! Who does that? Here is how people online reacted:

Ladies, never compromise! If you get a hunch, it is your inner self telling you to run from the guy as far as you can.

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