Colourful Pic Of Detailed Human Cell Looks Like Aerial Shot Of India During Diwali

The more you study about the universe, nature, and the human body, you will realise that the world is nothing but filled with marvellous beauty. There is art everywhere, in everything, even inside us!

Here’s an example. A researcher at the Standford University School of Medicine took to Twitter to post a fantastic picture of the detailed model of a human cell. The work is by scientific and biomedical animator Evan Ingersoll & Harvard Medical School faculty Gael McGill and they call it the “Cellular Landscape Cross-Section Through A Eukaryotic Cell”. Beautiful isn’t it?

Image source

Have a look at the tweet here:

However, several people online joked that the picture looked like an aerial shot of India during Diwali! Some even claimed it looked like an amusement park or a city. Others wanted to hang the picture on their walls.

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The human body is full of surprises! Don’t you think?

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