Delhi Crowd Loots Unattended Mangoes Worth ₹30,000 From Fruit Vendor; Watch Video


The world is going through a crisis. And, during these testing times, it has become extremely difficult for few people to pull through. Like, in a heart-wrenching video shared online a group of hungry migrant workers grappled over a sack of biscuits and a daily wage earner stole a cycle to go back home because he had a disabled child with him.

However, there are times when such incidences occur as a result of people’s despair or selfishness. Recently, a group of people in Delhi stole crates of mangoes left unattended by a street vendor, reports NDTV. According to Chhote, a fruit-seller in north Delhi’s Jagatpuri area, the incident occurred after a fight broke out in the neighbourhood.


Some people had reportedly asked Chhote to move his theli (pushcart) away. So, while the fruit vendor was trying to reason with the people, his crates lay unguarded. Taking advantage of the situation passersby started stealing his mangoes.

A dozen of people pounced upon the unattended crates of mangoes, reports the Business Standard.  Some riders even put mangoes in their helmets while few others called out hawkers, encouraging them to take some mangoes as well. The incident even caused a small traffic jam in the area. The fruit-vendor incurred a huge loss due to the incident.

“I had 15 crates of mangoes here worth about Rs 30,000. They took everything,” Chhote was quoted saying.


Chhote has filed a complaint with the police. During a time where businesses have been slow for everyone, such an incident can hugely affect the livelihood of a person. The incident not only violates social distancing protocol but also displays signs of inhumanity.

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