People Working In Bangalore Reveal Freebies They Bring Back Home From Office On A Daily Basis

There are so many workplaces across the world that store freebies for employees. Alongside free stationery, you’ll often find free coffee, tea bags, snacks and chocolates lying around the office. However, there are many people who like to take home some of these free things after work.

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One Reddit user took to the subreddit r/bangalore to ask fellow Bangaloreans what are the things they like bringing back home from the office on a daily as they have seen people take soft drinks, chips, etc. when they leave the workplace.

What do you bring back from your office on a daily basis? from bangalore

And several people online responded to this question. Here’s a look at some of the answers:

Free coffee from the vending machine to drink on your way back home.

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The office laptop when there is extra work to finish.

Soft drinks from vending machines which were filled into empty bottles.

Notebooks and pens are a must!

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Who stores protein bars?

Lucky are those whose workplaces have alcohol stored in the fridge on weekends.

Taking snacks before logging out from work seems like a popular practice.

But you know, because of some greedy people who take a good chunk of these freebies home, many offices stop storing them altogether and the rest have to suffer.

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However, there are always those people who bring back home stress, anxiety, neck pain, and more assignments!

Listen, considering the amount of work some employees are dumped with on a daily basis, letting them take back home a few free snacks and notebooks the least that a company can do! ūüėõ

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