People Online Donate & Help Delhi Mango Vendor ‘Chhote’ After Crowd Looted His Fruit


Recently, a crowd in Delhi stole mangoes worth Rs 30,000 from an unattended fruit cart belonging to a street vendor. In a video which went viral, dozens of people pounced on the mango crates and stole as many as they could carry. This was particularly disheartening as the selfishness of people led the poor street vendor to suffer a huge loss, especially in such critical times.

However, as the video circulated online, hundreds of people wanted to help the poor fruit vendor, Chhote, by donating some money. Even music composer Vishal Dadlani took to Twitter to address the issue and inquired about his bank account details, as did many others.

In a later report, NDTV went on to reveal the fruit vendor’s bank account details so that people could help him in his time of need. People have been sharing the details with others via direct messages on Twitter. Several kind people have since then donated for the cause.

It is touching to see so many people come together to help one man. The pandemic has truly managed to bring out the best in many!

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