12 Struggles Of People Who Fall In Love Too Easily

There are two kinds of people – the ones who take their time to find someone they want to use the phrase ‘I love you’ for, and the ones who fall in love with people as quick as Ted Mosby does. It’s cool, though, because the world is nothing without love.

Following are the struggles of people who fall in love too easily.

1. You get attracted to people very, very easily

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Like a moth to a flame.


2. You’re known to carry your heart on your sleeve

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You’d give your heart to anyone you seem to like.


3. You can’t possibly stay single for too long

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The feeling is unfamiliar to you.


4. Every time you have a crush on someone, you can’t stop talking about them

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Yap, yap, yap, yap.


5. And while you’re at it, you immediately start picturing what your future with them would look like

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Sigh. *butterflies*


6. You unintentionally turn out to be someone who loves to make people happy

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Happy people spread happy thoughts. ūüôā


7. Your friends are tired of keeping tabs on the amount of crushes you’ve had

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Sigh. Poor them.


8. One of your guilty pleasures happen to be stalking people you like

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And you make sure it doesn’t get creepy. You try, at least.


9. When going through a break-up, you switch to the Devdas mode for a short period of time

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Alcohol, smoking, crying, and doing things you might feel terrible about later. It’s all there.


10. But, even after you’ve bounced back from the heartbreak, your faith in love doesn’t dwindle

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You’re always, always hopeful for something new coming your way. ūüôā


11. And because you’re always so positive about love, you make others around you believe in it a little more

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12. And finally, it doesn’t matter to you when people think you’re crazy

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#HatersGonnaHate. And there’s no room for it in your happy, happy heart.

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